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Originally Posted by thegizzard View Post
Wow. This is insane and upsetting.

I like this product. I am going to shoot a video. I will post it on my website. I will include a .pdf manual that I will write. I will do this all for free.

Why? Because I think pellet is getting bullied here.

If everyone understands that there are some language issues and this is a new product that is rough around the edges, then you know what you are getting into when you buy. At this moment the Lion is not plug and play, but when you have gotten through the learning curve you will be very very pleased at the value it offers.

I love the Internet. I have learned much from others. I have benefitted from the passion of others and have received much for little or no cost to myself. I am going to give back by helping Woodpellet out here.

Please ask me if you have questions about the product. I will set up a new thread for this.
thegizzard, I sent you a p.m.., before I saw that the mods cleaned up this thread. Until then I wasn't going to post anything in this thread again and just let it hopefully die a fast and painless death.

I agree with your every word and greatly appreciate your willingness to help.

I went into this purchase with my eyes wide open knowing of the difficulties. I'm personally thankful that Wang has made his product available to us. I'm confident with his continued obvious commitment to produce excellent product, to give great customer service, and with generously helpful Brethren like thegizzard the product and service will only keep getting better.

Well I woke up a little later than I planned today, so I won't be using the controller on my UDS to do my first butt as intended. I will instead use it to smoke my first Beer Can Chicken.
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