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Thanks for the warning !!
I do my own testing, and make my own judgement...When i first used this device, i only temp. mounted it just to test, fire and smoke blew from the lid.. BUT,,, after finding out how to seal it up, it worked perfectly. I also used FULL size Charcoal, I also mixed apple wood chuncks, and pellets. ( all mixed together) still had no problems.....As you can see from my photos, the burner is on a very large Smooker, Cooker......I have also used a Trager pellet hopper, but it often would go out and pour all the pellets into then burner pot....This burner can be used along with my fire box,,,,
1 To add smoke from pellets
2 Smoke from wood chunks
3 To assist in contolling pit temps
I also am Modifing my Smoker,Cooker just for this devise, to be helpful to consumers. ( To Help in determing ) if this burner should be used on there cooker....
5 There are several Things that must be correct, before this burner will work BETTER for you....Air ,intake,exhaust,draft control,etc...
6. When i am throughly finished with the modification,and installations, and ran all test, and Cooked at Competitions with it, i will post all of my findings and recomendations for others....
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