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My reply to UK:
1."The device ran fairly well running on small pieces (1/2-3/4") of charcoal",
Thank you very much for your testimonial.
At worest result, why do not you burn small pieces (1/2-3/4") of charcoal

2."there were chute jam issues"
Please remember you American have Stumps, Backwoods, Viking, ect. Gravity Feed is very popular in American already.
There may be a jamming too, but the jamming will be burnt down shortly. Leave it as it is. It will cure itsself.

3."It was then tested with hardwood pellets.
During the initial tests, the pellets that were immediately above the burn pot got very, very hot. As they did so they got very resinous and sticky.
When they reached the burn pot they gummed up and blocked the burn pot and the burner extinguished."

There may be too much additives in your pellet. If you use pure WOOD pellet, all will be burnt to ASH.

4."During the following trial, the burner was fitted with a "stoker" type fan and pid controller. This worked well for about the first half hour, then the burnpot choked up......"

Again it is due to your BAD PELLET.
Residue or additives in pellet forms a kind of clanker and blocks the grate.
The heat and air then are forced to go up to fuel bin and flamble gases are released from pellet and may expolde. The "explode" is also contributed to your PID controller and
Thanks GOD, you did not fill in the burner with gun powder, it would be more powerful.

5." do I want to spend the rest of my life breaking charcoal into 3/4" pieces!"
It takes me LESS THAN 10 minutes to break charcoal of full fuel bin.
If you use a common fire box, if you do low and slow smoking which will last 10 hours, You need to care your fire a few times during the 10 hours. 10 minutes are much worh of it.


1. My burner works fine with 3/4" charcoal. It is worth of you spending 10 minutes to break your charcoal down to 3/4" size.

2.My burner does NOT work with LOW GRADE pellet, or pellet with additives.

3.You need my PID controller and fan designed for my burner
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