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Originally Posted by MDRex View Post
Has anyone tried using the propane start from a Weber Performer on their UDS? I am getting a stainless blue Performer from my sister. My plan was to remove the kettle and mount the drum in its place. Then I came up with the idea of using the propane start in the drum.
I went through the thought process of adding a propane burner in the bottom early on as I started my planning. I quickly ditched the idea for the sake of simplicity, and now, with hindsight, can't see the advantage.

Also, a lot of people here light the fire by adding a small amount of coals to the top of the basket. I do the same --- add about 1/4-1/3 chimney to a little depression in the coals I make in a mostly full basket. That's it. All done.

I get 14++ hours of cooking @ a solid 250° this way, with the coals burning their way down. It's quite possible using gas to start would get you good results. I couldn't say for sure. But I'm in the KISS camp for a first UDS now. I'm a tinkerer, too, and it was hard not to put my own spin on things. Suppressing that tweeking urge isn't easy.
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