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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
DR_KY, I first met you at, and we met at often too. You are occassionally here.
You asked for a few times a free sample, and I never answered you before.
Do I tell all Brethren the truth.
This is the second time that you post *fake story.
WHERE do you read "blew the door off his cooker."
*No, you simply write a fake story by yourself.
Do you really think the burner is a bomb.
My burn burns charcoal, and pellet, NOT any gas.
*Before you fake a story, please think by your brain if you have any knowledge of science. But I doubt your IQ
Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
*Look this post, even you use my burner, you need my instruction to use it correctly, nothing to say the one I have never seen.

If charcoal and wood pellet could explode, territorists would have blown London to heaven.
Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
I am clear. You are misleading BBQ brethren here.
I find "Chinese pellet burner WARNING" posted by " British BBQ Society » 06 Jan 2012, 08:25" link

Dear BBQ Brethren, please do visit that link, nothing but nosense.
Also I sold my smoker, grill and burner to American, Canada and Australia.
I never sell any smoker, grill, and burner to British BBQ Society, and not any UK people.

*Rob ( bobbyp) has posted the reference on the internet I was referring to.
*I do not and have never used your product(s). ( remember you said none ever came to the UK)

I will wait and graciously accept you apology Wang as soon as you offer it...

Slappin that bass like some delerious funky preist!!!

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