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Default Warning posted on BBBQS

Yes I did post a warning on BBBQS relating to the use this gravity fed "pellet" burner.
I have checked the link Wang has just posted, but it does not contain my post. It had been removed from the website (along with my identity and all my other posts) because I was found guilty of causing embarasment through excessive and repeated use of truth, but thats a whole other story..........

2 of these pellet burners were built under license in the uk for testing with a view to production. they were identical to those manufactured in china, built from design drawings puchased from Wang.

During testing (with various types of fuel) the following was determined;
The device ran fairly well running on small pieces (1/2-3/4") of charcoal, but even when the pieces were broken down that small, there were chute jam issues. pieces any larger than that it wouldnt run very well at all.

It was then tested with hardwood pellets.
During the initial tests, the pellets that were immediately above the burn pot got very, very hot. As they did so they got very resinous and sticky.
When they reached the burn pot they gummed up and blocked the burn pot and the burner extinguished.

During the following trial, the burner was fitted with a "stoker" type fan and pid controller.
This worked well for about the first half hour, then the burnpot choked up.
Problem was that instead of just going out, the fan just keeps blowing trying to raise the chamber temperature, but instead is blowing air through super-heated wood pellets filling the chamber with lots of air and very hot natural gas.
I think we can all understand what happened next and why!!
A big blue flame puffed out of the back of the fan (electrical sparks) and the 30lb lid of the test bed smoker ended up on the other side of the carpark.#

Further tests were carried out using combination's of charcoal pieces and various types and ratios of wood pellets, and although we achieved some level of success, it would never have proved reliable and safe enough for commercial use in the uk (and do I want to spend the rest of my life breaking charcoal into 3/4" pieces!).

The "warning" I posted as a result of this incident recommended being "very carefull" with it, and selecting an appropriate fuel, which in my opinion did not then, and does not yet exist, small round (3/4") pure charcoal balls.

If you are already using one, the best of luck to you and please bear in mind the above.
I must stress that this incident was caused by a combination of factors including the particular type of pellets that we were using, I cannot comment on the safety and reliability of the product under differing circumstances.
All this information and data was relayed back to Wang, he is fully aware of its potencial shortcomings.

I bear no ill to Wang, but I cannot recommend his product due to the problems detailed above. I am however very offended by his very stupid and offensive terrorism jokes.
I dont think this was a considered part of his sales stratergy.

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