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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
DR_KY, I first met you at, and we met at often too. You are occassionally here.
You asked for a few times a free sample, and I never answered you before.
Do I tell all Brethren the truth.
This is the second time that you post fake story.
WHERE do you read "blew the door off his cooker."
No, you simply write a fake story by yourself.
Do you really think the burner is a bomb.
My burn burns charcoal, and pellet, NOT any gas.
Before you fake a story, please think by your brain if you have any knowledge of science. But I doubt your IQ
I will not do this here with you as you have done with others.

Robert from Berties BBQ in the UK wrote the warning while he was using your product. I will email him as see if it is still available. It was posted on the British BBQ forum if you remember correctly. I will say no more until I get a reply from him as I am only posting of this issue as a matter of concern for safety. It could have very well be an issue of user error and not the product hence my " Go careful using that burner" opening statement.

Slappin that bass like some delerious funky preist!!!

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