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Default Dessert: Hot peaches Ice cream (pr0n)

Hi all,

for dessert I have done this simple preparation. You need, for 4:
- 2 peaches
- honey
- cinnamon powder
- balsamic vinegar
- ice cream, simply milk or vanilla taste

Cut the peaches in half:

Put them over hot coals, direct fire, cut side down:

Cover the kettle:

Prepare the aromas: cinnamon powder, balsamic vindegar, honey:

When peaches begin to be brown on the cut side, turn them and put them on the indirect side:

Add some balsamic vinegar:

Add some honey:

Add some cinnamon powder:

Cover the kettle and wait until the peaches are soft, test them squeezing gently:

Serve them hot, with some ice cream on top:

They were delicious! And the contrast between hot and ice cold is veeery interesting.

- instead of peaches, use figs. Or both!
- brown sugar instead of honey
- you don't have balsamic vinegar? Don't worry, the taste will be good anyway

Ciao, Gianni
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