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Found some matches.
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My UDS is just the basic model....with just a few changes;
I made my brickette basket 15 1/2 inches wide by 12 1/2 tall out of expanded steel mesh (still normal) but the bottom of the basket is a circular piece of steel mesh welded 2 1/2" up from the bottom edge of the basket.(instead of using bolts for legs). Now if I wish I can flip the basket over and have 10 inch legs with a brickette basket 2 1/2 inches high .
I bolted 3 metal shelf standards equidistant and vertical inside the drum. So by placing the shelf brackets at varying heights around the inside of the drum I can move my fire basket up when needed or by flipping the basket over and raising it to the top I can use the UDS to grill/fry hamburgers(or whatever.)
This makes the UDS much more versatile IMO .
P.S. yesterdays maiden run with the fattie was from 2.00 pm to 5:45 with the temp. holding steady @ 250F (except when I nervously removed the lid every 45 minutes to check on the progress) .The fattie was removed when the internal temp. reached 160F .Got raves from the missus, daughter and SIL .(Daughter wants her hubbie to build one now...hee heee )
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