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Default Home Dry Aged Steaks?

I know this is a very touchy subject throughout the internet meat community . But hear me out.

Do any of you dry age your own steaks? I understand it's very difficult, dangerous, and an exact science. From what I've read, you want a dedicated fridge, which is between 34-37 F, with plenty of air circulation, you want to limit bacteria if at all possible, if it smells or looks bad, chuck it.

I gotta think someone on this ingenious forum out there has done it. None of us have ever had dry-aged steaks (we like beef but eat it fairly rarely) and the prices are astronomical for the commercial stuff.

I also saw this product, DryBags,, and was wondering if they'd work if I borrowed a vac sealer from extended family.

I'm thinking I'd have to buy a mini-fridge of CL and sanitize the heck out of it so I have a devoted space to dry age.

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