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Default Gravity Burner Review

Just to let anyone interested,,,,This thing is awesome....The cooker i installed it on is way to big for the burner (I Thought),, after initial start up, and heating my pretty burner up so HOT, it Blued the sides,and blowed fire and smoke out the top, I shut her down,,,,,after contacting Wang, and got informed on proper installation, I got a big suprise, it took a whole 5 minutes to heat a 5 ft wide, 4 ft high, 2 1/2 ft deep cooker, none insulated, single thin wall,to 250 deg...with 0 smoke or fire coming out the top and the sides that got blued you could touch....I ran this on manual for about 10 minutes,,, then set up controller and set 1 stage, just to see what was going to take place....well the controller took over, started settling down an in about 30 minutes total time ,had the temps steady at almost perfect 250,,,Pit prob temps varied 5 to 6 deg,,Only noticed about a 1 to 2 deg variance in thermometer temp...Thanks Wang
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