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Armor we did brisket, pork and chicken.

PorkQPine That is what we did also, our food was in the rear on a buffet but at the end of the meal the two guys who were bar-tending went to the kitchen and
plated the desserts and went to each table passing out desserts. It would be hard pressed for people to not think the other caterer was not part of the same crew in a case like I went through his weekend. Nothing short of an announcement or something.

One other thing that happened that I forgot about. The client rented water picture for each table. We were not contracted to serve guests, just serve our food on the buffet. When the pictures of water ran out that she got people started asking us to refill them. We did it the best we could but was not staffed for this. Again people could think we were not doing our job refilling the pictures that we had nothing to do with.
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