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Originally Posted by Meteor View Post
Thanks guys. I figured it was me. Live and learn. I only had to adjust the uds about twice. It held temp perfectly. I can't wait until my experience catches up with the performance of the uds!
I've done lots and lots of pork shoulder butts. The most important thing is to double the expected time. So plan on like 12 hours if you think your piece might take 6. I've had some pieces take like 16 hours to get there. Depends on size and density of the piece you have. And the nice thing about pulled pork is that after it's sitting around for a few hours, you just keep it warm or reheat it and it's still going to taste really good.

Don't need to wrap it, but if you do it will be really really soft. I did that once it was almost soupy which I wasn't thrilled with, but many people loved it.

It is more important to let it run low and slow and high to rush for a planned eating. However, pork is also one of the most forgiving. Many times I messed up and it was not cooking fast enough (I started it too late over night) and each time I was able to fix it and have it still come out great. Some ways I did that:

- one time I cut it all up with butcher knife and removed the bone. Then put into crockpot. I was doing this in the AM before going to work as it was for a work lunch. At work it was left in the crockpot on LOW or HIGH depending on how much I thought it would need. By the time it was time to eat it was perfect.
- Another few times when the smoker didn't do what it was supposed to do (unexpected weather issues) I put it in the oven and hit it at like 350 for an hour or so.. temp and time adjusted based on when I needed it. Then I ripped it up and it was great.

Pork shoulder butt does not need to rest. In fact, what I do from a tip down south, is rip it apart right away and add a touch of apple cider vinegar and some brown sugar and mix it all up. As it sits in the vinegar is breaks down some more. This works so well and tastes so good.
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