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Default First butt came out like prime rib??

So I smoked my first butt on the UDS today for about 8.5 hours, my Maverick showed the temp spiked up to about 260 at the highest, and about 219 at the lowest, most of the time cruising around 235. Oddly enough, the meat stalled out at about 187, and actually dropped down to 176 at about 6.5 hours where it stayed for a while before climbing back up.

I took it off when the butt reached 191 and let it rest for about an hour, but when I went to pull the bone, it was stuck firm! I tried to pull it apart, and it wasn't possible - it was more like prime rib than pulled pork! I could slice it, but not pull it. I thought it would be falling apart. The UDS seemed to prerform well, I'm sure it was something I did. As a noob, I'm not sure where I went wrong - can any of you experienced UDSers impart some knowledge?
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