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Default Ronelle's Pron-filled Fatty Tutorial...

With apologies to MisterChrister for borrowing his thread title

Since we have a lot of newer brothers and sisters (and a big Welocme to you all ), I thought that a tutorial on how to make a true fatty would be in order.

There seems to be a general belief among newer brethren that a fatty has to be stuff and enrobed in cured meats. Alas, Dear Brother and Sisters, this is not true. Please sit back and enjoy a bit of Fatty history.

The original concept of the Fatty as introduced by Brother Smokey Pig and then named by Brother Big Dog is a breakfast sausage log unwrapped, rubbed if desired and then smoked. This is the original, and best Fatty.

The concept of stuffing evolved later and adds some interesting variations to the Fatty. The earliest mention I can find on the Brethren of stuffing a fatty is the Fatty Ronello, where a fatty is stuffed with poblano peppers, chorizo and pepper jack cheese. I'm not claiming to have invented the stuffed fatty, but I can't find anything on the forum about it until then.

Later, the Bacon Explosion popularized enrobing a fatty in cured meats. It may have been done before then, but the Bacon Explosion went viral and brought enrobing to everyone's attention.

Ever since the Bacon Explosion went viral a lot of folks seem to think that a Fatty HAS to be stuffed and enrobed in cured meats! I say NO! Let's get back to the roots of the Fatty as our Brothers in Smoke envisioned it! Stuffing and enrobing have their place, but to say that a Fatty has to have stuffing and/or enrobing is to deny our history!
Got that? There will be a quiz later.

So, on to the pron-filled tutorial...

The making of a proper (naked) fatty...

1. Obtain a breakfast sausage log. Jimmy Dean Sage or Maple are recommended, but other brands/flavor are fine. I recommend buying your breakfast log, but other means can be employed at you own risk.

2. Unwrap you breakfast sausage log.

3. [This step is optional] Rub your breakfast sausage log with your rub of choice.

If using Jimmy Dean Sage or Maple a sweet rub is an excellent choice. For this tutorial I used this rub since it was still on the counter from last night's sweet corn

4. Put the breakfast sausage log into your cooker of choice, at your temperature of choice. In this tutorial a Backwoods Party was used and running at 245 degrees.

5. Wait patiently until your Fatty is at least 165 degrees internal temperature. I prefer 180 to render some additional fat, but it's up to you and how patient you are. In this tutorial the Fatty was cooked to 180 internal and that took about 2 hours.

6. Once your Fatty has reached your desired internal temperature remove it from the smoker. At this point you can wrap it in foil and let it rest in a pre-heated cooler. Or not.

Your cooked Fatty should resemble this...

7. Slice and enjoy! A naked Fatty is excellent by itself, but also shines on a fresh, home made biscuit with a slice of cheese and some pepper jelly. Naked Fatties can also be used on pizza, in beans, or many other ways. Let your Fatty imagination run wild

I hope that you have learned something of the rich history of the Fatty here on the BBQ Brethren and I know that I will be seeing more Naked Fatty pron here on the forum!


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The Naked Fatty!

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