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Originally Posted by Socks View Post
Any input from other Vision owners on whether this is the right choice? I've seen a lot of workarounds posted, seems like we should try to come to a consensus. This does seem like an easy/elegant solution.

For my first indirect setup I wrapped one of those round pizza pans that are full of holes with foil a few times, then used 3 wire hooks to suspend it below the bottom grate in my Vision Classic. Seemed to work fine, but it was really difficult to add charcoal or tend to the coals once the meat was on. In fact my fire went out 5 degrees short of my goal and I just gave up since it was close enough.

I was thinking next time I'd just put it on the lower grate rather than hanging it below. Also I had much less space around the edges of the pizza pan and the fire bowl than I see in your pictures.

Is the spacing around the stone optimal in Seeker's photos, or too much?

Also is it perhaps too close to the meat, as it gives off radiant heat?

One guy I read cut off the handle of a 13" Lodge cast iron frying pan to use as a deflector. Also people have bought BGE plate setters for use in a Vision as well.
Hey there,

Just joined this awesome forum. I own a Vision Pro and after reading and reviewing all the options for a heat deflector honestly I think the KJ heat deflector is the best option out there for our grills for the time being. I ordered the KJ deflector yesterday and waiting for it to be shipped. I'll keep you all posted with my experience with it but Seeker has pretty much covered it all and I just don't think you can go wrong. FYI, Ace has it now for $50 plus there is a $10 off promo so I picked it up for $40 if anyone wants one (at least here in the states).
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