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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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I love the process. Planning out my cook days ahead sometimes distracts me from my real job. I love experimenting with different rubs, woods, techniques. I love the history of BBQ. I love that you can usually tell a good BBQ joint by how run down it looks. I love its primalness (if that's a word) - one man (or woman), a hunk of meat, and a fire. There is nothing I love more than spending an entire Saturday tending a fire and smelling the smoke. It almost makes you think that life is pretty simple.

Another thing that I've noticed recently that I really like about BBQ is the community. I'm new to BBQ and was fully expecting to have to figure it all out myself, but to other BBQ'ers I've talked to have all been so welcoming and willing to give advice when asked. I really appreciate the knowledge I've gained from this website like this.
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