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My favorite aspect of BBQ is taking an inexpensive cut of meat and making it into something that everyone can't get enough of. Spares, pork shoulder, beef chuck, meatloaf, chicken (whole, thighs, drummies, leg quarters, wings), turkey, venison etc...
As others mentioned you then get to create magic with rubs, wood, sauces among other variables. I love cooking for small parties. I am a die-hard kettle cook. It is a good time to get guests who only "grill" rubbery chicken breasts on a shiny gasser. They bite into a properly smoked and sauced thigh and go "Oh my god!" Then they say something like , "My dad used to have an old weber and he'd burn hot dogs and burgers on it every 4th of July. I didn't know that you could do that on a kettle.
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