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The web page refresh and load is much quicker in the new firmware v1.0. The first and current version is v0.8 even though the guide says v1.0

We have been testing the new version for about a week now and found a few minor bugs that should be resolved soon.

My advice to all, copy down or better yet make screen shots of all your settings as the upgrade will reset your controller to the factory defaults and also back to adhoc mode.

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I just ordered and received the CyberQ wifi. I noticed the instructions were for version 1.0 of the firmware but my CyberQ still had .8 installed.

I was able to set it up in ad hoc instantly -- will try to do the infrastructure with my router later this evening.

BTW -- is there a way to reset this thing to factory defaults in case I screw up the router config? I'm afraid of moving it from ad hoc to infrastructure and then discovering I can't communicate with it anymore. Can I reset it from the keypad?

(I had all about 10 minutes to look at it yesterday -- test the unit and fan -- but I haven't been able to spend much time with it. The web pages seem to come up very slow -- very annoying. I noticed that when I was browsing the config screens on my iPhone.)
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