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1. I am using a Li-ion battery, 2 a.h. the size is small enough to be put in the SS box with the fan, controller. also 2 a.h is big enough to power the system for 10+hours. Lead battery is too big in size. Also lead battery will lose capacity step by step. You bought 1.3 a.h, but the real capacity may be 0.5 a.h. SS box is designed for Li-ion battery.

2.LION is a standard WIFI equipment, different environmental needs different method to access to Internet. Good you finally do it. Be honest I can help less to access LION to Internet. But two IT masters are really writing a guideline separately

3.Temperature accuracy depends on the smoker too. My gravity feed burner and controller can keep my smoke temperature accuracy around 1 F.
Let us image, you forget to add coal to your smoker, after 5 hours, your smoker temperature may fall to environmental temperature.
please visit about my gravity feed burner.

About interface I agree with you. I will upgrade later. But basic functions are all there
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