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Default Will this method work for brisket?

My brisket on my large BGE is good but not quite as moist as it should be. I cook it at 250 dome raised indirect with a drip pan for as long as it takes to reach an internal temp and tenderness I target. With that said, my ribs used to turn out dry too until I start using the following method. Smoke at 250 for two hours. Remove put in foil pan with liquid and cook covered for two additional hours. Then remove from foil pan return to smoker until the end of hour five. Then baste and cook at least one more hour until they pass the 90 degree tenderness test. NOW, would and improvised method similar to what I use on ribs also work with the brisket? Like maybe pulling the brisket after four hours and putting in in a foil pan with liquid for a few hours mid cook then return to smoker to finish? Thanks in advance!!!
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