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Default Charcoal baskets

I received 2 Webber kettles a few weeks ago so I can build 2 more uds. Just waiting on the drums now. So I went ahead and built 2 more baskets for them.

I used #9 3/4 expanded. The expanded is 10" x 48" long. I have 2 grill grates from my old Brinkman smoke and grill which are 15. 5" dia. The actual length for the expanded I needed was approx 48.625". So I had to add a small piece of scrap expanded to close it in all the way. I suspended the grill grate 3 inches from the bottom of the expanded, giving me a basket size of 7" x 15.5".

I purchased 2 16" pizza pans from WalMart and welded them to the expanded and used some 3/8 bolts I had laying around for legs to give me approx 1" of clearance from the bottom of the drum to the ash pan. I used a piece of scrap rebar and 3/8 all thread for the handles.

I cut out sections of the expanded around the perimeter of the pizza pan for ease of dumping the ash. If you get the diamonds to go vertical it is MUCH easier to bend the expanded lol.

I know there has been talk of using a diffuser (if you want to or not) and with this style basket you could easily use a perforrated pizza pan and set it right on top of the charcoah basket

And here they are.....

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