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Found some matches.
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Well, burned it in last night, and had my first smoke on it tonight. Temp was very easy to keep consistant. Had about 1/2 a bag of charcoal left in there from the burn in. Put a full lit chimney on it, flaming and 100% ashed over. Dumped it in with 2 chunks of maple wood, and let it go. I didnt lift the lid a single time once the meat was on there. Raised to about 300, then tapered down to 255ish. Stayed there until right towards the end. My target cook temp was 150, and at about 140 it started losing temp, went down to 220 and had to open both valved and uncap the pipe nipple, then she rose right back up to 260 and finished the cooking. Anyhow, its one of the best pork loin roasts Ive ever had! VERY juicy and nice and smoky! I would say the first cook was a success!! Now the pictures:

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