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The replacement bottom rack arrived bubble wrapped and is painted black for this year Performer.

To install the rack, the side panel is removed.

One end of the rack is slipped into the side panel and pushed in as far as it can go. The remaining side panel is reinstalled after the rack is slipped into it.

The frame is straight and the rack and casters are installed.

Slide the front and rear panels down onto the frame rails to reinstall.

With the panels in place, the bowl can be bolted to the frame.

The burner was cleaned up in less than a minute with nothing but sandpaper.

The igniter is screwed into the burner and the assembly is reinstalled and bolted to the bowl.

The regulator and igniter button are reinstalled and the wires are reconnected. The connectors are unique and there is only one way to plug everything in.

The tool holder, gas assist door, charcoal bin and table are reinstalled. The grill is almost done!
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