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Shack Attack got me off my ass and started our new and first annual Film Festival.... Thanks Boshizzle and Keith Lilly.... Jizzle inspired Puragtory and Lilly inspired the Stout.

Here is what happened... I did an Oyler consult at a local resturant owned by some VP of Applesbees from way back. He was complaining about how he was going through having to make 50 gallon of sauce every few days and in the middle of me looking at his recipe (in his case) everytime he made his sauce to store in the walk in in those 5 gallon buckets he was adding nearly 40% water. I said, dude.... why don;t you make your sauce base, store it as a stout (which will cut down the labor of actually using and cleaning the big water jackets sauce vat) --- this it would cut this down 40% as well and you would have to do it almost half as often, then when you need sauce, simply add your portion of water - this also frees up your cook. Then in the middle of it... after making this Purgatory/Shack thing.... I decided to take my own advice... thus the video.

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