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Default Newer Heatermeter BBQ controller

The last few weeks I have been busy at updating my Heatermeter to a pcb board that Brian over at Virtual Weber forums has put alot of time in effort into.

For 27 dollars you can send for 3 boards that after you install all the hardware(10 dollars per board) and hook it up to a modified WRT54g router(20 dollars) you can have a very good BBQ controller with the ability for wireless probes.

My old heatermeter has been great except for some gibberish on the LCD screen from time to time needed an upgrade.

Everything still looks the same as what I had posted before on my old thread

with the added wireless component, which I have not tried yet.

Anyways, if you would like to make one, its an awesome project and alot cheaper then most bbq controllers for the same functions, you can find out more over at the Virtual weber forums or Brians Github Heatermeter page that explains everything you would need and has all the files needed to get everything working.

PS......I also was thinking about giving away one working board with router, not including the mounting hardware or probes, all of which would be easy to finish with very minimal skills to someone on the Brethrens

But, I have not yet decided how to give it away just yet, any suggestion would be great.
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