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Default Red Liner ?'s

I have been reading page after page of the UDS main thread and other ones and dont have a definitive answer to my question...

I found a food grade barrel for $10, so I thought why not make a UDS. Problem is it had that red liner that seems to be a bear to get out. I burned the barrel twice using ole pallets for over 2 hours each. I washed the barrel after each burn rubbing off as much of that red powder as i could. I did have a light pink in spots about 50% of the barrel but you could see the metal through it. No matter how hard i sanded and used a wire brush I couldn't get it all off. I ended up covering it in two coats of the flat BBQ paint that says it is good to 1200 deg. Does that sound like it is good to use to make food or Is the barrel, and thus my smoker, doomed?

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