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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
Purgatory, inspired by this sauce and soon to be the first video in a seven day Pitmaster Video Festival, is actually a new obsession of mine. Here is why.... when I release "Purgatory Stout" sauce.... which is essentially a concentrate you place on standby (due to volume) to be "enhanced" later with water, you will see how I am going to be changing A LOT of my sauce recipes. The reason why is.... I typically make three individual and unique sauces when I do charity BBQ's.... what if you found a way to make a stout that has a common path to all three? Or even more.

That's the REVERSE of what some people do.... modify already "perfected" sauces.

For those that cross utilize... having say, 6 quarts of a Purgatory Stout (Shack) on standby... can get you easily to a Unique Hot Sauce (Full Strength), Mustard Sauce add Mustatrd and sugar, Sweet Red Sauce by adding Ketchup and sugar, glaze, by adding pectins, sugars etc, or vinegar sauce by adding water.
Sounds great!
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