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Klose's BYC is the orignal, the gators are copies. They look alike, but there are differences in the designs. They can both be custom made to just about any spec. The gators i saw down in texas, while they are nice pits, they didnt have the fit and finishes that my Kloses have. Before buying, I researched and compared the Klose, the Gator BYCC and the Tejas 2040CC. All 3 are the same general design, but the comparisons got the Klose to my backyard. The Tejas was dropped off the chart on first glance.. looked like a cracker jack version of the other two. When the Gator and klose was compared, the Klose, IMO, came out ahead for workmanship.. and some of the smaller details.. (like 9 inch wheels as compared to 4 inch high density). Prices were pretty close, so when it came down to it.. it came down to the better welder and little details. OK... the Gator had nicer paint and a cool rain cap..... But the klose was...well... A KLOSE. ... one thing is for sure, with either of these, you will not regret it.
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