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Woodpellet, I have to question why this is even posted here, as in my mind it really has nothing to do with the Brethren, other than you did businerss with someone, somewhere elase, who also happens to be a Brethren.

However, what did you expect to happen?

You SHOULD know Ebay/PayPal rules.

Buyer bought on June 4.

You shipped on June 7.

Under PayPal rules, buyer has 45 days to file a claim.

It appears that buyer waited almost all, if not all of those 45 days.

If you can't prove delivery, PayPal finds in favor of Buyer and refunds. You KNOW that, or at least SHOULD KNOW that if you are doing business.

If buyer doesn't file a claim, and never receives merchandise, then the buyer is out of luck. Again, YOU should know that.

Buyer may very well issue you payment again, once merchandise is received. Time will tell.

Whether it is right or wrong, YOU are the one that willingly chose to engage in the Ebay/PayPal business model, so you really have no right to complain about the outcome, which by the way, is still to be determined.

The buyer has played by the rules that you chose to integegrate into your business, and may have taken the required steps within the system that YOU CHOSE to protect their financial interests. That's called good business.

To come here and allege that a Brethren is a cheat, because they are engaging in a business transaction in accordance with the rules that YOU CHOSE, in my mind is just wrong.

I would expect that if the merchandise is finally delivered, and you receive a new payment, that you will come back and explain that you jumped to the wrong conclusion.
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