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Originally Posted by Big slick View Post
I love all flavors but my favorite is pecan, cherry, sweet seduction and season all.

Season all goes well with anything. It tastes like there is chicken stock in the rub so i use this with all of my poultry. I have made some of my best turkeys smoked on the WSM with a little olive oil and a generous coating of season all. Even in the oven the taste is incredible. I also use it on chicken and pheasant. I have just started to use it on other meats like pork chops and ribs. I mainly use it for poultry though.

Pecan, cherry,sweet seduction are all my go to rubs for pork. I'm more partial to pecan then the rest but I use a combination of the three with butts and ribs. I have gotten great reviews cooking with these rubs. They also go well with pork chops.

I don't do many beef products except for brisket on my smoker. Whenever I do brisket I always use pecan. That sweet heat is so nice on the beef. I am looking forward to trying peppered cow as I hear it goes well on beef. I also sprinkle some pecan on ribeye steaks and let them marinate for a few hours.

Pecan has such a great combination of sweet and heat that i end up using it on everything. I have tried many dry rubs and simply marvelous is the best in my opinion.
Thanks, I will try it out. Might be using the oven, the weather is pretty bad atm :(
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