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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by JohnVI View Post
Nice, between the gloves and popcorn machine, we may be related...
But anyway, how can you hold 250 or better yet 230 with so much lump?

I tried to hold 250 for my first cook, used the weber baskets and a lit coal on top of each basket of coal and still had issues with temp hitting 265...
I tried with my top vent open, closed with a tiny half moon, etc and same thing..
I have sealed this thing up, so doubt it that..

Any advice
Haha. I just got the gloves from amazon. They're a lil slippery but much better than pullin without ;)
The popcorn machine was a gift that is used frequently
Once the pizzas were done Sat night, I all but closed the vents on top & bottom. She was barely puffin'. When i was ready to open her back up, I filled it up to the bottom of my weber grate and added 3 wood chunks. One in the middle & two on the sides. One of the chunks didnt even get burned. Having used a side smoker before & being used to using nearly a 20lb bag of kingsford per butt, I didn't want to run out of fuel while sleeping. Once it got up to 200 I all but closed the vents again until it made it to 250. I then opened the bottom just a hair & almost closed the top all the way. Maybe I am lucky and my gaskets are holding up better than others but I know the mod is inevitable. What really impressed me with this cook was how most of the fat rendered in the cooker and not in my cooler while resting. I typically end up with 1-2" of "butter" in the bottom of my cooler after resting from my old smoker. Not sure if this is the way it's supposed to be but this pork was so juicy & tender with hardly any fat left. I couldnt pick it up off the grill without it wanting to fall completely apart. The gloves came in handy here too as my spatula couldnt handle it. I cant wait to try ribs & a whole chicken. I find myself thinking about this grill maybe a little too much i think I have a Kamado Krush
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