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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Yakfishingfool
Thanks guys, the decision just keeps getting harder and harder, and the price higher and higher.

As for fishing from a yak....check out It's the premier kayak fishing site on the world. Actually fishing form a yak makes so much sense. Thinka bout all you coastal boys that cant; get back into theose shallow bays where all the big reds play. I can. Just got back fromt he Turks and Caicos islands, spectacular bone fishing on virgin flats. No way to get there other than yak, or walk. Never had fish flip me, but biggest has only been maybe forty-fifty pounds. Jumped a couple of 100+ pound tarpon, but never got them it. Lot;s do though. Very cool sport. I know there ar elots of you that fish here. Check it out. Be happy to answer any questions. I'm the host of the newbie forum there. Scott
Holy chit.

I know the wrong forum thingy, but you aint kidding. Lotta info there. I like the fully rigged out one on the trailer on page 2 of the photos. Looks like a friggin jet fighter. Never knew about this, but I'm a city/suburban shore fisherman primarily. Might look into one of these beauties.

Thanks for the link Scott.

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