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Adding to Bills stuff.. from the owner.. theres 2 differnt ways to look at this.. and also, what do you want to use it for? ... The BYC which has a horizontal AND vertical and the vertical only(MOAB), each has VERY different characteristics. Each has strong points, but it is very dependant on where its going and what your cooking for.

to put it in a nutshell, and give you one picture.. I designed the MOAB for competitions, then all last year, never took it and continued with my BYC. REASON: Much more versatile. BYC has more spots to cook in with different characteristics and a different heat signature. I am not going to say it is uneven heat, becase thats an injustice. Its not uneven, but there are hotter spots than others in the horizontal, such as the top racks and dead zone next to the firebox. Install the baffle and you have jerky on one side and ribs and briswket on the other.. Or sausage hanging in the vertical while your making ribs.. The removable baffle makes a huge difference. The full vertical MOAB has dead even temps all around top to bottom. thats a great and beautiful thing.. or is it? depends on what your doing. Withthe BYC, Its like having 2 seperate ovens.... the MOAB is one big one.

The vertical chamber in the BYC has a removable baffle seperating it from the main. with the baffle inplace, it will run 75 degrees cooler than the main. With the baffle removed it will run 25-50 degrees cooler and thats can be controled by the damper on the chimney. it took a year for me to be comfortable cooking in both chambers simutaneously. At first, it was difficult maintaining temps in the vertical. But once you figure out the technique. Its and awesome cooker.

The Vertical only Moab has a much larger cabacity than the entire BYC. Aside form the back left corners of the 2 bottom shelves, the pit is dead even in its cooking all around. It can be used in several configurations. You can put the heat in the main, below a waterpan like a WSM, or as a true offset, or both.

Downside to a vertical is the stuff dripping on one another if u have a full chamber. Ok for yard, but ya may not want that in competition. Also, its a single chamber, so tending to one meat, effects cooking time of the other. Again, no prob in the yard, but very bad in a competition.

If the choice is betwqeen the 20x48 offset or the BYC, absolutley hands down the BYC. Much more versatile. Can do the work of 3 pits. Everytime i use that pit, i keep saying.. "damn I love this thing. "

the BYC can be designed to your specs. I have helped with nearly a dozen and have learned whats required options. I can help u with that.
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