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Default Vertical cook chamber....

Ok, you;re probalby all going nuts with all these questions, but hey, I host a newbie forum on a kayak fishig web site and always answer the same questions over and over. so.....

What's the general consensus on a vertical cook chamber. I got a great call from Mel tonight from long island. I think it really helped me steer more towards the Klose than ever before. But I did look at the gators . Anyways....we had a bit of a discussion on the BYC vs the 20x48 off set. I can see whre a beer can turkey wold be better vertically, but do any of you have an opinion on whether you really need to use the verticle, or will I get good results with most meats in the horizontal cooker. I've never tried to smoke say a turkey in the charbroil, but have done the beer can birds(chix). No problem. So how about you gus with the vertical or those without commenting.

By the by, winter weather advisory prediciting raining ice with temps in the mid to upper twenties tonight....perfect q'ing weather Scott
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