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Originally Posted by foppa78 View Post
For those of you who are able to hold temperatures ~250 have you made any modifications to your CGK? I am also curious as to what your vent settings were to get it to stay steady for so long.
No mods here...(yet but soon to come) I made sure all bolts were good & tight, including the ones that were already installed. Some of those were loose to begin with. I also hook the latch before I let it go all night. The key I learned on this site & others is to not light all the lump at once...start in the middle and let it catch the remainder throughout the cook. I used to light it all at once & wondered why it was too hot & burned so quickly. It doesn't take much heat since these style cookers are so well insulated. As far as the vent settings, I had the bottom at about .5 and the top at about .75.
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