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Default 1st Butt completed

We did more pizzas Saturday night (10 total) and it was tough to keep the temp up obviously with opening it that much. I didn't put that much fuel in since I was planning on doing a butt later.
I then prepped it for it's 1st butt. I started by adding more Royal Oak lump around the outside of the existing coals at about 10pm. By 1030pm the temp had evened out at 250 and the butt was put on at 11pm. I went to bed at midnight and checked it before i went to bed. It was right on still. I checked it at 8am and what do you know...250 & holding strong! Probed the butt & it was at 190. Pulled it off at 9am and it was reading 195...couldn't believe how little fuel it used. Let it rest until lunch time & it was definitely the best pulled pork I have made in the last 2 years. I know I am going to have to replace the gaskets soon but this thing is incredible for the price.

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