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Originally Posted by jw177 View Post
Ok, I have gathered almost everything for UDS build. I have a couple questions: What thermometer are most using to mount on the drum, i have an ET-73 as well. Where are you uys finding the high temp paint in other than balck, silver or white?


I just used plain old spray paint, if you do not do anything "strange" the drum will not generally get that hot. That said I did hit the charcoal with the air from a small shop vac and "toast" my normal paint a bit :-).

My favorite thermo so far is one I got with a Turkey Fryer from Gander Mtn, it has a long enough reach to go to drum center from the side, BUT I did find that installing it that way means it picks up radiant heat from below and gives a reading that is not "true".

On the pie or other shaped rotating vents, What I hate about them the little I have used them is the lack of precision, I have seen where people made a rotating cover for just a single 1/2" or 3/4" hole, that looked pretty cool. That gives you the option to use it "binary" (on or off) or analog (partially open) :-).
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