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Default Opinions from the Masters solicited

I have built 3 uds's. They all came out real well. Dome lids, double cook racks, 15 inch round charcoal baskets, as pans etc.

The first one i built started out as super simple. Drilled 4 intake holes and used sheet magnets to control air intake. That actually works good except i had them stuck directly to the side of the drum and after about 2-3 hours at heat they start loosin their "sticky power".

Ok..insert nipples and weld them in. Prob solved. But now i'm startin to think i want to build me a flat top to play around with and was just "thinkin" about makin the air intake a bit simpler.
i read about bds cookers and how they use some kind of plugs in 8 or 10 holes. Low heat= 1 or 2 plugs open...more heat = more holes open.
what kind of plugs????? Brethren are always talkin about using silicon to seal air i did a search on silicon plugs....and found a LOT of co.'s
makin them. they use them in powder coating and electro baking.
withstand 600 degrees F.
Any of u guys (like maybe Norco) have any thoughts on using these plugs?
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