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Ok I snagged a second one at $149.00. I visited another Kroger down the street and located two in the store for $169.00. The box price indicated by the manufacturer listed it at $329.00. I drove back to the Kroger I purchased the first one two days ago and clear as a bell in bright 6 inch black letters $149.00. I removed the large sign and walked into the store and indicated to the clerk I wanted to purchase this grill at this price. She scanned it and it rang up $169.00. I picked up the sign on the counter and showed her the price indicated then she looked confused. The clerk calls the assisted manager over to relay the problem, and the assistant manager produces a price scanner that looked like a massive Raygun with a large antenna. "See my scanner is showing $169.00" I mentioned to her that I wasn't really concerned with the price on the scanner, I just want the price they advertised on the sign. I asked to speak to the manager. The manager arrives and the first clerk tell him I purchased one of these two days ago at $149.00. He looks at me and says let him have it at $149.00. Instantly I got the feeling he knew I knew someone in his shop has trouble with simple math. Normally I would feel bad, but I have been shopping at this same store for over 25 years. They should have just given it to me because I'm such a nice guy , but fat chance with that happening. The funny thing was, when I mentioned I purchased one of these 2 days ago, three clerks surrounded the box to scrutinize it. I'm happy I scored two egg shaped primo grills at a primo price!
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