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DRY CURE - When I use a dry cure, my cure time is 48 hours.... then a soak-out, a rest them smoking. The time is based on chops 3/4" thick or so.

BRINE - If you are going for a brine/cure with more emphasis on the brine.... the lightest amount of salt I use is 7/8 (0.875) of an ounce to a quart of water. And I will do an immersion brine for 5 or 6 hours. You can reduce this by injecting some of the brine before immersing the chops into it, and because this brine is light on the salt, even if you go the same time you will be okay. You can increase the amount of salt to your liking. As far as sugar goes I like a couple of teaspoons, but again.... you can go higher.

In this same brine..... since you are really not doing any preserving, or using long smoking can use some #1 Cure solely to keep the meat a little bit pink, and it won't take much. You might start with 1/4 ounce (0.25 ounce) and see how you like the color.

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