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Originally Posted by NVehr13 View Post
This actually crossed my mind the other day on the way home from work. But i wanted to use a Raspberry Pi, Two temps, (one monitors meat temp, one monitors grill temp) and the one that controls the power for the fan.

I didnt see any reason it wouldnt be feasible, may take some doing and may have to write some software for it. but keep us posted, i may get mine underway in the winter when i actually have time to do it
Using a Pi is overkill for a project like this IMHO.

On a side note I'm also interested in a project like this (also on the flip side a wireless refridgerator monitor as I just had to deal with a defrost failure there). I recently picked up a Nerdkit and am working my way through IC's and imbedded electronics (former failed EE student)

I think you can use Arudino's for the controllers and a PI tied to a small LCD for overview.

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