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Alright, for those asking for information about this project, I bought the Arduino from The advantage of them is they have all the chips built into it with a standard USB connection, while if I tried to save money and buy a $1.00 micro-controller, I'd have to use serial and proprietary connectors which would be a huge PIA.

The first problem I've run into is the thermistor's I will be using max out at roughly 260 F. That's not a problem, because I'm looking to monitor when the temp drops, which will be somewhere between 210-225 F as the cut off.

I will be posting pics as I will be going. Instead of spending $150 for an iQue, I can build a similar unit for $35.

I will update with pics as I build the circuit and write the code. I'm a-OK as a programmer, not as strong as an electrician. We'll see
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