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somebody shut me the fark up.

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We have always penned them right near where we will hang and butcher them, waited for them to settle down enough to be interested in food (as a sign that they are relaxed), then shot them through the brain with a high powered deer rifle. Then we immediately hang and slit to drain the blood. There is very little blood left in the carcass this way and the idea is that the animal's muscles (meat) is very relaxed as it dies. It is very humane but didn't bode well for presentation on a whole hog cook, only for butchering. Then we get some meat in the caso for carnitas while we finish butchering.
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Back in my younger days when we slaughtered a hog we would shoot them usually just above the eyes in the top of the head and instantly slit the throat to bleed them which is pretty much as you described. As soon as all of the blood was drained (as much as possible) the pig would then be placed in a very large cast iron pot with a fairly large fire built under and around the pot to boil water which helps to remove the hair. After that the hanging and skinning begins. Not for someone with a weak stomach but it was definitely very quick and humane. Prayers and blessings were offered before the kill for the pigs life and also for the food it provided our families. Nothing went to waste.
Yep. The above two were how I've seen it done. A friend of mine's father was the local farming communities "pig whisperer" and the animal was always relaxed right before the shot.

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Remember this is from a different culture and different country. Apparently rednecks evolve differently when secluded from each other:-)
Best line of the day!
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