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Originally Posted by btcg View Post
Okay.... 270 for 5 hours.

What was the "pull" temp... 130-140?

It certainly looks delicious. I've always thought that cooking beef long, low, and very slow yielded amazing results, ever since I was gonna broil a burger once, and this girl I was just atarting to date did the "pop-in" to me: I put the temp down to barely warm and forgot all about it (the pop-in worked out well). Later that night, I found the burger still cooking..... very slowly. I thought.... what the hell, I'll try it. It was downright amazing!

Betcha that roast was too. man, makes me hungry seeing such great work!
Methinks it was about 130-135 IT before resting. The wife doesn't like things quite as rare as I do, even though I now have the kids properly trained! The time is plus/minus, I didn't watch the clock too well on that one.
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