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This is weird (to me anyway hehe). I lit off the UDS yesterday in the morning, I think it was 10 am or so, loaded the fire basket and dropped a full lit chimney of lump on top. Closed it up, ran it a bit with all the air ports open, plugged them one at a time til I was down to just the ball valve. It was running 225-250. Left for work, came home at 1045pm and looked out, it was at 200. Figuired it had tapered down and was done.

So at 9am I look out this morning, nearly a full 24 hours, and it is at 250 ??

HUH ?? Pulled the lid and heck only about half the lump had burned, I hit it with forced air from a small shop vac and the coals were burning all through the pile of remaining lump. So I closed it back up and went to readjusting the air. I had this one bag of lump, not sure where I got it, but the bag is a different color than the "normal" RO lump I have gotten other places/times.

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