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Default Sampling Big Ron's rub and sauce

Last month Big Ron ran a special for the Brethren, Buy anything and get a free bottle of sauce. He just wanted people to try it and post their thoughts. Over the weekend I smoked a london broil to make BBQ cheesesteaks for the Local Yokel TD. I used Big Ron's Original Rub on the meat and ABT's. It's a nice blend - very tastey. I tasted the Hint of Houston Rub and think it's more to my taste. Very similiar, but with some heat. To much for the Mrs, I fear. Here's a link to the cook thread. Today I thought I'd just slice up some of the beef and mix with some sauce and have a BBQ Beef sammie to try the sauce. Wow... the sauce is really good. It's got a nice tang with some front of the tongue heat. The heat dissapates quickly but is very nice. Deguerre's PP BBQ pizza would be a great way to enjoy this, and I'm not the biggest fan of BBQ sauce pizzas. I'm looking forward to trying the HOH and the chili mix. GREAT products Big Ron!
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