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Thanks to palmtreefrb ( I have my data from a 20+ hour cook on an XL BGE and a pretty good Boston Butt to show for it.

I live at 6080' altitude, so cooks always take much longer than what's common at lower altitudes and the data displays that. Also, I use the dome temperature to cook at, so granted, 225 degrees is going to be much cooler at the grate.

I needed the butt to be ready for lunch on the second day of the cook (today), so I foiled it at 160 IT at the 17-hour point and the graph reflects the drop in temperature of the BGE when I opened the lid at 5:30a.

I turned up the CyberQ Wifi to 275 just prior to 9 AM. Then, I further turned up the CyberQ Wifi just after 11 AM to 300 degrees for the next hour and 20 minutes until done.

A couple of programming problems that I have noticed with the software from palmtreefrb. When I reset the temperature up from the original 225 to 275 or 300, the dashboard displaying the pit temperature never changed from 225 being the max before being in the red. Also, I didn't see a way to successfully delete unwanted data in the database, such as a test run. Other than that, holy smokes. A great program to document cooks with the CyberQ Wifi.

I hope the picture below isn't too obnoxiously large. Disregard the extraneous data at the very end. Butt was pulled in the 198 degree range. I used two probes to verify the temperature thoughout the cook.

As far as the CyberQ Wifi itself goes, five hours into the cook the temperature rose to 13 degrees above the set cook temperature of 225 degrees. I was thinking that maybe a chunk of oak took off. On the flip side, during the night, it dropped 6 degrees below the set cook temperature for no particular reason that I could see. I can definitely identify the stall and the phases that occured when going though those temps.

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