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Originally Posted by humblegriller View Post
Went outside to try. Unfortunately the temperature here is 106 and the grill is too hot to touch. I'll have to try after the sun moves enough to put it in the shade.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes if you don't mind.

If worse comes to worse, it looks like they make a thumbscrew version to replace it.
Done .... and true to my original description it was a b!tch. The procedure:

put a flat head screwdriver between the rod that moves the blades and the washer fits against the kettle (between the little ears that hold the rod). Twist the screwdriver and also twist the rod until a "key" on the rod lets loose of the washer. Twist the rod until the key lines up with a slot in one of the ears. Pull the rod through the ears. I had to use a punch to knock the rod through the ears. Then pull the washer down off the ears. The rest is obvious.

Good luck. What a lousy design.
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