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jsperk, I am really enjoying it. It is handy, I have to work to get higher temps out of it, but overall I am very pleased with it. I've done ribs, chops, and bacon on it. We have another 6 pork chops going on it now just to be sure we don't run out this evening.

yakdung, I don't have a vacuum sealer yet. We use a beach ball pump reversed to do that job when we packaged for sous vide. I have the chops we cooked last night setup for that. We will pop them in to a 135F - 140F water bath an hour or so before time to eat. They will come up to temperature without over cooking.

I like the idea of injecting and will try that down the road. I have a small "chicken" injector that works fine on bacon, so it should be perfect for chops.

We are going to try smoking the mashed potatoes too. I've read about that but never done it. So we will only do half of them so if it fails, we aren't completely out of taters.

Thanks to everyone for the input and ideas. This is a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to trying some different approaches out in the future.
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